you don’t know what you have

until you have it under pressure

West & Kami Taylor’s story & background.

meet west

I understand that you may feel like you were born this way or that you are the way that you are and you cannot change. This is the biggest lie I allowed myself to believe for decades! 

Find the behaviors that you do not like about yourself, the yeller, the angry person, the person that thinks life has to be done like everybody else, the person that feels like I never get a break in life, the person that feels like life is constantly knocking you down. These behaviors, these beliefs are your road map to discovering who you are. Life has taught me that in order for me to understand who I truly am, I must first know who I am not.

the stories you tell yourself define yourself

From my experience one of the best ways to discover who I am is to attend self improvement workshops and seminars. Learning from other people that have traveled the road you don’t even know you want to travel. I spent decades of my life trying to figure it out on my own, all i really did was set myself back even further because I didn’t know to make the changes in my life that I wanted to make, so I just ended up doing what i had always done and that was blaming other people for my shortcomings in life. 

What if there was no “normal’ or no “supposed to do it like this” What if we get to do life however we choose? Learning how to make choices that match with what I am wanting for me in my life was a big deal, I mean coming from a space of “life is happening to me, I have no control” to a space of “life is happening for me, i have control over all my choices!” This comes from learning how to be vulnerable and accountable to yourself. Allowing others to see you for who you truly are is very liberating and freeing. Living from this space is truly living.

to my horse people

I totally get it! you are a maverick, the type of person that likes to figure things out  your own way. This mentality will serve you well in pushing through a lot of hard times in life, however I have come to learn that this mentality will forever hold you back in your horsemanship journey. 

Not to say you won’t make progress or be good at what you do, you will not be able to be at your highest level during the time you have without the guidance of others.   I Struggled for many years before I found the right mentors to launch me to the next level. With the right mentors and coaches my progress skyrocketed to levels I could not even dream of!

This journey of learning about horses, how to help them, how to safely work with them will actually become a journey of discovering who you are. The biggest lesson I earned from the horses was that I really needed to learn about myself. I needed to know how I would behave under pressure, what are my fight/flight triggers. The more you can see yourself in the horses, the more progress you will make with yourself and the horse. 

the most important knowledge i can share

The single most important knowledge that I have acquired over the past 15yrs of working with horses has been the knowledge of how the horse’s autonomic system operates in regards to the natural instinctive response  known as fight/flight.

Having an in depth knowledge of both the horses and the humans autonomic response system has been life saving and life changing. If you only get one little nugget from me let it be….invest your resources in knowledge of the subject (horse and human) that you want to be successful in. PAY experts to share their LEARNING with you! It is decades faster than learning it all by yourself!

West’s Bio

West Taylor, once a businessman and IT communications contractor was forced to let go of all the worldly identity of who he was, his business, his vehicles, his toys, his house, his standing in the community, all to search out a new way to live, a way to seek peace, joy and connection in his life. Some say he is a horse whisperer… he will say he chooses to listen to the horse by building a relationship based on safety with the horses. West has had two major near death experiences that shifted who he is and how he chooses to live his life. He spent 15 years drowning his life in alcohol when a grizzly bear intent on killing him in the backcountry of Alaska changed him forever. Some say your life flashes before your eyes right before the end. West said all he could think of was his family and how out of alignment his relationships were and all of the things he had not yet experienced in his life. After this life awakening moment  West took five years off to spend every moment with two wild mustangs he adopted from the Bureau of Land Management.

West identified with something in these once wild and free horses that were now in pens in captivity.They appeared to be in the same mental state as he was. Removed from everything that was once safe, not sure of his future and scared. 

West has spent thousands of hours learning and understanding how to release fear and trauma from horses using his developed Science Based Horsemanship method. It was during this research and observation time that West asked the question, “if this is possible in the horse then it also must be possible for humans” it took West 4 years to find the common formula between horses and humans.  

West now lives on his family ranch in Fremont Utah where he and his wife Miss Kami of 35+ years hold retreats and workshops where West and Kami teach this Transformation Method. Together they share their life experiences through their passion and purpose to heal the relationships of humans and horses through life coaching sessions in partnership with the once Wild Horse and the healing power of the drum, meditation and sound healing. 

 West says a horse can not lie… all they know is truth, living in the now…  moment to moment  and if you’re open to listen… the horse has a message for you. What will the horse teach you about you?

Kami’s bio

Kami Taylor is an artist, art and sound healer,relations mentor and teaches the ancient art of Drum and Rattle making. She lives on a wild mustang ranch in southeastern Utah with her husband West Taylor.

They are advocates for America’s Wild horse and share all they have learned at live events and in online courses taught alongside a wild horse.

Together they host Mountain Retreats, Facilitate drum circles, guided labyrinth meditations, breath work and many other workshops for couples, individuals and corporations at their Ranch in Fremont Utah.

Kami makes hoop style drums and paints custom artwork on these beautiful functional art pieces that she ships to people all over the world. This has become “her passion and purpose” her “soul” work.