slow down faster

To Get Done Sooner

Training for horses, transformational coaching for people, plus experiential retreats and events for adventure.

innovation through transformation

Training your horse to do what you want it to do, improving yourself and living life through experiences and adventure all share a common pattern. We call it the “Transformation Method.”

Most people come to us to train their horse or experience something amazing. When they leave, they find they’ve transformed the most themselves.

who we work with best

the rugged

You know what you want, you know you will work hard as hell to get it, you will put the time in, you will do what ever it takes even when nobody else notices.

the relentless

You started this project, it was your brilliant idea and you  know that you are the only one that can do it the way you want it done.

the dreamer

You know how you want things to be in the end, you know there is going to be some challenges and struggles, and you also know it will be so worth it!

Magical Unicorns

All you want is SAFETY, with yourself, with your spouse/partner. Your every thought and action is based on how you feel. The question of “AM I safe?” is constantly running in the back of your mind.

about west

West Taylor spent the first 25 years of his adult life pursuing the success in life he believed only existed by getting things done, by building a business, by living within an image and structure that society told him to be. Have the right job, live in the right neighborhood, drive the right vehicles, do all the things to meet society’s definition of happiness. After 25 years of trying to meet the outside world’s perceived expectations of himself West finally crashed his life, lost his business, all of his money and the lifestyle toys that came along with “keeping up with the Joneses.”

He found himself starting life over again at the age of 40, he moved his family back home to his grandfather’s ranch to regroup and begin his new life. 

“I don’t know what I want to do, I just know it has something to do with horses” West told his wife Kami, This is the base of the next 15 years of his life. Learning and understanding how to train and work with Wild Horses.  During this newly created version of himself West began to find the elusive happiness in life he was searching for, he found it in the wild horses. He found the value of patience, taking life at a much slower pace, he learned about himself and how to create an internal sense of safety for his life. West and his wife Kami of 35 years now host retreats for horse owners and individuals to experience his science based Transformation Method at their ranch property in Southern Utah. 

West is now known as an expert in his industry in proper training and handling of all breeds of horses. His scientific research has led him to developing his own training method known as West Taylor’s Science Based Horsemanship and life lessons learned from horses.